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Discover a CloudFormation stack

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Discover a CloudFormation stack

You can discover and store any of the CloudFormation stacks that belong to an AWS account, including stacks that were deleted in the last 90 days.

Before you begin

Role required: cloudformation_operator, cloud_operator, cloud_admin, aws_admin, or admin. Users with the cloud_admin or cloudformation_operator role can view the stack data.

About this task

Along with the stack information, the following data points are discovered for each stack and stored on the ServiceNow instance:

Table 1. Discovered data
Field Description
Resources The resources belonging to the stack and their current state, ID, and other information.
Template The JSON version of the template the stack was provisioned with. If the stack was provisioned using a template URL, the JSON snapshot of the template used to provision the stack is displayed. This template is used when stack is updated.
Parameters The parameters and values that are used to provision the stack. The output values that are described by the template to provision the stack.
Tags Displays any billing tags that are associated with the stack.


  1. Navigate to Amazon AWS Cloud > Administration > Account and select an account.
  2. Click the Create Discovery Schedule related link to open the Discovery Schedule page.
  3. Click the Discover Now related link to start the .

    When Discovery finishes, the Account page lists all discovered Amazon resources. You can also click Amazon AWS Cloud > CloudFormation > Stacks to display the resources.