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Installed with Amazon AWS Cloud

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Installed with Amazon AWS Cloud

The Amazon Web Services ( plugin is activated automatically when you subscribe to Amazon AWS Cloud.


Amazon AWS Cloud adds or modifies the following plugins.

Table 1. Amazon AWS Cloud plugins
Name Description The primary Amazon AWS Cloud plugin. Amazon AWS Cloud activities. Amazon common. Components common to Amazon AWS Cloud. Probes and sensors for discovering infrastructure components in AWS, including VPCs, subnets, VMs, availability zones, regions, volumes, and so on.
com.snc.ec2_v2 Support for provisioning Amazon VMs from images (AMIs). Includes a service catalog entry for ordering an instance running Windows or Linux.
com.snc.orchestration.activities.ec2 Uses workflow technology to issue Amazon EC2 activities that will execute the commands on Amazon cloud.


Table 2. Amazon AWS Cloud tables
Table Description
ec2_account Contains account details for the Amazon EC2 account being used for provisioning or terminating instances.
ec2_approved_images Contains images approved by a cloud_administrator for provisioning user requests.
ec2_image Contains a list of all EC2 images from all regions in which region settings are defined.
ec2_keypairs Contains the keypairs for all the regions for the account.
ec2_region_settings Contains data associated with an account. This table contains the region and the keypair to use when provisioning instances in a region.
ec2_region Contains the 5 current SOAP endpoints to Amazon's five datacenters (regions).
sc_ec2_os_selection Contains the OS types that appear in the service catalog, as defined by the cloud_administrator.
sc_ec2_type_selection Contains the types that appear in the service catalog. The base system includes Small and Large, which correspond to Amazon's m1.small and m1.large classification, respectively.
ec2_shared_image_account Contains the names and numbers of the accounts that provide shared EC2 images.

User roles

Modules in the Amazon AWS Cloud application are accessible to users as described in User roles installed with Amazon AWS Cloud.

User groups

Table 3. Amazon AWS Cloud user groups
Group Description
Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators Members of this group own the Cloud Management environment and are responsible for configuring the Amazon EC2 environment.
Virtual Provisioning Cloud Operators Members of this group fulfill provisioning requests from users. This group also contains the EC2 Operators group.
EC2 Operators Members of this group are responsible for the technical operation of the Amazon EC2 virtual provisioning environment.
EC2 Approvers Members of this group approve requests for Amazon VMs.
Virtual Provisioning Cloud Users Members of this group can request virtual machines from the service catalog and request changes to virtual machines assigned to them.

Script includes

Table 4. Amazon AWS Cloud script includes
Script include Description
EC2Util Updates the database with instance and image information received from an Amazon EC2 account.