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Create a run script activity

Create a run script activity

Use these instructions to create a custom Run Script Orchestration activity.

Before you begin

Role required: activity_creator or workflow_admin

About this task

For instructions on using the activity template process flow, see Create custom activities


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.

  2. In the workflow palette, select the Custom tab.

  3. Click the +icon.

  4. Select the Run Script template.

    Activity template selection

  5. Complete the fields shown in the table.

    Table 1. Fields common to all activity designer templates
    NameDescriptive name of the activity. Select a unique name that makes the activity easily identifiable in the palette. If you do not name the activity, it is identified in the Data tab of the workflow editor with an index number when it is added to a workflow. This index reflects the order in which the custom activity was added to the workflow. Only custom activities and their output variables appear in the Data tab.
    Short descriptionBrief description of what the activity does.
    ImageIcon that identifies an activity of this type in the workflow palette.
    Protection policySetting that controls access to the code in the Pre Processing and Post Processing script fields of this activity. Use these settings to protect your intellectual property:
    • None: Script is unprotected.
    • Read-only: Script is in plain text, but read-only.
    • Protected: Script is encrypted and read-only.

    Important: Make sure to set this field properly before submitting the record. After you save the activity, this field becomes read-only.

    Execution templatePredefined template selected for this activity.
    ApplicationCurrent scope set on the instance. To view the scope, click the gear icon on the right side of the title bar in any record or list and look at the value in the Application field. The activity runs in this scope within a workflow. You cannot view or change the scope for the instance in the workflow editor.
    Accessible fromAccessibility setting for this activity, by scope. The following options are available:
    • All application scopes: This activity is available to all application scopes.
    • This application scope only: Use of this activity is restricted to the scope named in the Application field.
    CategoryCategory for this activity in the Custom and Packs tabs. All categories are listed under their scope in the collapsible hierarchy.
    DescriptionDetailed description of the activity.

  6. Use the variable builder in the Inputs tab to create variables to pass into the script that the activity runs.

    For more information, see Map an input variable.

    Run Script custom activity Inputs tab

  7. Create variables in the Outputs tab that contain values returned from the execution script that are available to other activities in a workflow.

    For more information, see Activity designer variables.

  8. Create a script for this activity to execute.

    You can access the activityInput and activityOutput variables by using activityInput.variableName and activityOutput.variableName, respectively.

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