Activity designer components

Orchestration installs the activity templates and provides access to the controls required to create and manage custom activities in the Workflow Editor.

Orchestration also installs the activity_creator role, which gives users the ability to create custom activities. The activity_creator role is included with the activity_admin role and provides access to the Custom tab in the Workflow Editor.

Activity templates

ServiceNow provides the following templates for creating custom activities:

Custom activity controls

Use the following tabs in the workflow editor palette to create and manage custom activities.
  • Packs: View all activity packs downloaded from the ServiceNow Store or created for upload.
  • Custom: Create custom activities for use in workflows. Access to the Custom tab is limited to users with the activity_creator role. This role is included in the activity_admin role.
  • Data: View all activities on the current workflow that produce data. Workflow designers can use the data from these activities as the input for other activities.