SNMP Query activity

The SNMP Query activity queries an SNMP device.

Your ServiceNow instance must have access to a MID Server configured to use SNMP to run this activity.

This activity replaces an activity by the same name available in releases prior to Istanbul. If you have a workflow created in a previous version that uses the deprecated activity, your workflow will continue to work normally after upgrading to Istanbul. However, all new workflows must use the custom version of this activity. This activity was built with the Probe activity designer, which gives workflow administrators the ability to store input and output variables in the databus.

Input variables

Table 1. SNMP Query input variables
Variable Description
hostname Hostname or IP address of the SNMP device being queried.
oids A list of unique object identifiers used to identify SNMP devices.

Output variables

Table 2. SNMP Query output variables
Variable Description
description Description of the SNMP object.
timeout Boolean value indicating whether or not the query timed out.
error Indicates any error that occurred. If no error occurred, this value is null.
oid_data An array of data objects for all unique object identifiers.


Table 3. SNMP Query conditions
Condition Description
Success Activity successfully ran the query on the target device.
Failure Activity failed to run the query on the target device. Failure could be caused by invalid credentials or a device that is not accessible.