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Get F5 Pool Member activity

Get F5 Pool Member activity

The Get F5 Pool Member activity returns the pool members and verifies the pool's status.

Use this activity to verify that a pool member was created properly.

This activity was built using the REST Web Service activity designer. To access the activity in the workflow editor, select the Custom tab, and then navigate to Custom Activities > Active Directory.

REST settings

  • REST message: F5 POOL Membership Management
  • REST function: get

Input variables

Table 1. Get F5 Pool Member input variables
PoolNameName of this pool, such as testPool.
F5IPAddressIP address of the F5 console.

Output variables

Table 2. Get F5 Pool Member output variables
MembersArrayArray for the returned pool member IP address and port, such as
status_codeThe HTTP status code.
errorThe REST error.
resultSuccess or failure.
outputThe REST output.


Table 3. Get F5 Pool Member conditions
SuccessActivity successfully returned the F5 load balancer pool members.
FailureActivity failed to return the F5 load balancer pool members

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