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View a vendor decision matrix

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View a vendor decision matrix

  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendors > Vendor Decision Matrix.
  2. Click a Name.

    The decision matrix page has these components:

    • Options
      • Filter: Select the subset of vendors for the decision matrix. By default, you can filter by vendor type.

        Figure 1. Decision Matrix Parameters
        Decision matrix parameters
      • Scale: Select the display size scale for the decision matrix. The greater the scale, the larger the decision matrix appears.
    • Decision matrix
      • X- and Y-axes: Each axis represents one or more categories, or themes used to evaluate vendors.
      • Plotted items: The labeled points you see on a decision matrix, called plotted items, represent averages of category scores for vendors. Point to a vendor name to view the vendor's rating summary. Click a vendor name to view the vendor scorecard.

        Figure 2. Vendor Performance Decision Matrix
        Vendor performance decision matrix