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Vendor type

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Vendor type

Vendor types group vendors that offer similar goods and services.

About this task

You can classify one vendor under multiple vendor types from the vendor record. By default, decision matrixes filter data by vendor type so you can compare vendors in the same vendor type. Vendor performance provides these vendor types by default:

Table 1. Default vendor types
Vendor type Description
Applications Vendors that provide enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning software.
Hardware Vendors that provide hardware products, such as computers or cell phones.
Services Vendors that provide services, such as catering or custodial duties.
Software Vendors that provide software, such as word processors or email programs.

You can create new vendor types to further organize vendors. For example, if your organization purchases office supplies from numerous vendors, you might create an Office supplies vendor type.


  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendors > Vendor Types.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the Name field and save the Vendor Type form.