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Create a vendor contact

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Create a vendor contact

Vendor contacts are vendor employees you can contact to request assistance, report issues, or resolve problems.

About this task

Vendor contact records provide contact information for these individuals and specify their roles in the vendor's organization. View and edit vendor contacts from the related list on a vendor record. This is an optional, quick reference list and is not used by the system in other processing.

Note: Creating vendor contacts does not create new users in the system.

To create a vendor contact:


  1. On a vendor record, open the Vendor Contacts related list.
  2. Click New.

    The Vendor Contact form appears.

  3. Fill in the fields, providing as much contact information as necessary (see table).
    Figure 1. Vendor contact
    Vendor contact
    Table 1. Vendor contact form
    Field Description
    Name Enter the contact's name.
    Type Select the contact's role in the vendor's organization. The available choices are: Primary, Account Rep, Technical, Sales, and Marketing. The Primary contact is displayed on the vendor scorecard with an email link.
    Primary phone Enter the best phone number for calling the contact.
    Alternate phone Enter a secondary phone number for calling the contact.
    Email Enter the contact's email address.
    Title Enter the contact's job title.
    Address Enter the contact's street address.
    Fax Enter the fax number for the contact.
    Company Select the company for which this person is a contact. The system automatically populates this field when you create a new vendor contact from the related list on the Company form.