Use the Vendor Performance Overview module

Use the Vendor Performance overview module to view various widgets that provide vendor statistics.

About this task

Role required: Users with the vendor_manager or admin role can view the overview page and refresh, add, delete, and rearrange widgets.


  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Overview.
  2. Click elements within the reports to obtain more information.

    The following reports are included by default:

    • Asset Cost by Vendor
    • Assets by Vendor
    • Average Score by Vendor
    • CIs by Vendor
    • Live feed recent activity on all vendor feeds
    • Open Vendor Tickets (available with Vendor Ticketing)
    • P1 and P2 Incidents by Vendor (available with Vendor Ticketing)
    • Residual Value by Vendor
    • Top 12 Vendors
    • Vendors in SLA Breach
    Figure 1. Vendor Performance Overview Module
    The Vendor Performance Overview page