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Create vendor credit from table records

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Create vendor credit from table records

You can create credit records from table records by clicking the Create Vendor Credit related link.

About this task

Attention: The Create Vendor Credit related link is only available in records for these tables if the record references a vendor. The procedures here contain instructions for exposing the link when it is hidden.


Click the Create Vendor Credit related link in records from these tables:

When ServiceNow creates a vendor credit record from one of these sources, it automatically populates the form with related data from other tables, such as vendor name, contract, and service offering. Fields associated with a vendor that have more than one possible value are not populated automatically. ServiceNow filters the list of possible choices for these fields based on the parent field, when populated. The system populates these fields in the Vendor Credit form from fields in the Service Commitment form:

  • Breach penalty amount
  • Per
  • Breach penalty time