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Create vendor credit from an incident

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Create vendor credit from an incident

You can create vendor credit from an incident.

About this task

Create vendor credit records from incidents opened against business services only. Other CI types do not have service offerings and cannot be configured for vendor credit.


  1. If the Create Vendor Credit related link does not appear on the Incident form, define a vendor for the incident.
    1. Select Awaiting Vendor from the State field.
      This action shows the Vendor and Vendor ticket fields.
    2. Complete both required fields.
    3. Click Update.
      The related link appears on the Incident form.
  2. Navigate to Incident > Open.
  3. Open an incident for a vendor's product.
  4. Click the Create Vendor Credit related link.
    The Vendor Credit form appears with this data pre-populated:
    • Vendor
    • Related incident
    • Service offering
    • Vendor contract