Create vendor credit from the Vendor Credit form

You can create credit records from the Vendor Credit form.

  1. Navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendor > Vendor Credits.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the Vendor first, then fill in the other fields, as appropriate (see the table below).
    Note: The vendor selected determines the options available for other fields. If a selection list is empty, the vendor has no records in the referenced table. If you change the vendor, ServiceNow clears all the other fields in preparation for different values.
    Figure 1. Vendor Credit form
    Field Description
    Number [Read-only] System generated reference number for this credit record.
    Vendor [Required] Name of the vendor.
    Related incident Number of any incident related to this vendor's products.
    Service offering Service offering related to this vendor.
    Service commitment Specific service commitment that affects this vendor credit.
    Service availability Business service availability commitment that affects this vendor credit.
    Related outage Actual outage that created the vendor credit. The value in this field is from the Short description in the outage record.
    Vendor contract Contract with this vendor, if any. The choice list for this field only displays contracts for the named vendor. These contracts can be in any state.
    Reference number Any reference that pertains to this credit. Possible values could include a proprietary confirmation number or the name of a contact.
    Breach penalty time Duration of the breach. This is the elapsed time of the credit-generating event and is inherited from the Service commitment selected.
    Breach penalty amount Total amount of credit due from this event, inherited from the Service commitment selected.
    Per Unit of time used to calculate the breach penalty amount, inherited from the Service commitment selected.
    Credit used Check box indicating that credit from this vendor has been recovered.
    Notes Any notes pertaining to this credit record. For example, you might keep track of recovered credit.