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Create vendor bubble charts

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Create vendor bubble charts

To create a vendor bubble chart, navigate to Vendor Performance > Vendors > Vendor Bubble Charts and create a record (see table for field descriptions).

Note: For color fields, either HTML names or hexadecimal (hex) values are acceptable. For hex values, the # character is optional. Values are not case-sensitive. For example, all of the following values are valid: LightGray, lightgray, #D3D3D3, d3d3d3.
Figure 1. Bubble Chart form
The Bubble Chart form
Table 1. Creating Vendor Bubble Charts
Field Description
Name Descriptive name for the bubble chart. Bubble Chart is appended to the name when you view the bubble chart.
Top left label

Top right label

Bottom left label

Bottom right label

Label text for the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right quadrants, respectively. Choose labels that help interpret results. For example, a bubble chart might have the following quadrant labels, where vendors in the top right quadrant have the best scores:
  • Top left label:Resource
  • Top right label:Essential Partner
  • Bottom left label:Poor Performer
  • Bottom right label:Reevaluate
Top left color

Top right color

Bottom left color

Bottom right color

Border colors for the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right quadrants, respectively. Bubbles are the color of the quadrant they are in.
Type Metric type associated with this bubble chart. The type must be Vendor to display vendor assessment results.
X-Axis label

Y-Axis label

Z-Axis label

Label text for the X-, Y-, and Z-axis categories of the bubble chart. These labels appear along the X- and Y-axes, if applicable, and in bubble score summary windows. The category name is usually a good label. If these fields are left empty, the bubble chart automatically displays the selected category names as the labels.
Metric X category

Metric Y category

Metric Z category

Vendor metric category each axis represents. Results for the Z-axis category determine the size of each bubble. The Z-axis should generally represent the most important category out of the three.
Quadrant label color Color of the label text for the quadrant borders.
Default Not used for vendor bubble charts.