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Vendor Performance

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Vendor Performance

The ServiceNow® Vendor Performance application helps an organization manage, evaluate, and compare the companies that are labeled as vendors in the application.

Many of the following vendor performance features depend on assessment functionality:

Table 1. Vendor performance features
Feature Description
Vendor assessments Evaluate, score, and rank any vendor in the system.
Manage specific vendors Identify vendor managers for specific vendors. These managers can see the list of their vendors and the results of vendor assessments.
Vendor scorecards View current summary information about a vendor’s performance, including related incidents, assets, purchase agreements, discounts, outages, breaches, and other information that vendor managers need.
Vendor decision matrixes View a two-axis graph that plots assessment results for multiple vendors. Use decision matrixes to determine the relative standing of vendors in two or more selected categories.
Vendor bubble charts View a three-axis graph that plots assessment results for multiple vendors. Use bubble charts to determine the relative standing of vendors in three selected categories, with an emphasis on one category.
Vendor contacts Create vendor contacts for individuals who provide support on behalf of the vendor, such as customer service representatives, support technicians, and vendor contractors.
Vendor activities Track important vendor events, such as demos, trade show interactions, and meetings.

Vendor performance also includes information from vendor ticketing, if this feature is enabled.