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Test Management process flow

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Test Management process flow

The tasks associated with manual software testing can be divided into categories.

Test setup

The test manager builds the test repository by creating test suites, test cases, and tests.

Test initiation

The test manager initiates the testing process and monitors the progress on the Test Plan form.

Test execution

The test manager creates a test plan to test a specific product or feature, adds test cases, and assigns a tester to each test case. If desired, the test manager can also define a test environment.


Testers perform the tests in their assigned test cases, record the test results, and update the status of each test. If necessary, the testers indicate the reason for a failed or blocked test.


Stakeholders review the test results and any open issues and then collaboratively decide whether the test plan sign-off form can be completed.

Except for completing the test plan sign-off form, there is no recommended order for performing these testing tasks. Each task can be independently performed.