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Test plan sign-off

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Test plan sign-off

The Test Plan Sign-off form provides a way to record approval of the test plan.

This form provides an overview of the test case results, open test cases, and any open issues as of the current date. It displays the following information:
  • A count of how many test cases passed, failed, are blocked, or are not tested.
  • A list of the open test cases.
  • A list of open defects and open issues (tests that are blocked, failed, or not executed).
  • Sign-off details, including sign-off history.
Note: The test plan sign-off form is available on IE10 and later versions, as well as all other supported browsers.

Multiple sign-offs can be required for one test plan, and a test plan can be signed off even if it has failed test cases. Each sign-off takes a snapshot of the test plan in its current state, saves the snapshot as a PDF, and attaches the file to the test plan. This snapshot captures all test cases, including test cases with a status of failed or unexecuted, as well as open defects.

Table 1. Test Plan Sign-off Form
Field Description
Test Case Results
Passed The number of cases that have passed.
Failed The number of cases that have failed.
Blocked The number of cases that are blocked.
Not Tested The number of cases that have not yet been tested.
Open Test Cases
Short description A brief description of the test case.
Execution Status The status of the test case:
  • Unexecuted
  • In progress
  • Passed
  • Failed
  • Blocked
  • Retest
Priority The priority that the test manager assigns to an open test case. If possible, you should close open test cases with a higher priority before test cases with a lower priority.
Assigned to The tester assigned to the test case.
Open Defects
Number The number of a defect associated with the test plan. Testers can report a defect from a failed test.
Short description A brief description of the defect.
State The current state of the defect:
  • Draft
  • Scoping
  • Awaiting approval
  • Work in progress
  • Testing/QA
  • Deploy/launch
  • Closed complete
  • On hold
  • Canceled
Opened by The name of the user who opened the defect.
Priority The priority assigned to the defect.
Sign Off
Comments Any additional comments to be included in this test plan.
Sign-off By The user who signs off on the test plan.
Sign-off Date The date on which the test plan is signed off. This field defaults to the system date but can be set to any date.
Sign Off History
Sign-off By The name of the user who previously signed off on the test plan.
Sign-off Date The date on which the test plan was previously signed off.
Comments Any additional comments that were included in the previous sign-off.
Figure 1. Test Plan Sign-off Form