Create an agile group

Create a group from the Groups list. The group is Agile Team type and has the scrum_user role assigned to it.

  1. Navigate to Project > Agile > Groups.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate (see table).
  4. Click Submit.
    Table 1. Group form
    Field Description
    Name Enter the name of the group.
    Manager Select the manager of the group.
    Points Enter the number of points assigned to the group for each sprint.
    Group email Email address of the group.
    Description A brief description of the group.
    Related Links
    Create Sprints Access the Create Sprints for Team dialog box. Fill in the fields and then click OK to create multiple sprints for the current group. The new sprints are added to the Sprints related list.
    Manage Stories Access the Manage Stories page. Use this page to manage the backlog across all projects for the current group.
    Plan Sprints Access the Sprint Planning page. Use this page to display and groom stories based on project or sprint and add or remove stories from projects and sprints.
    View Story Points by Sprints Access a chart which shows how story points in a project are allotted across sprints.