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Activities and artifacts

Activities and artifacts

There are several activities and artifacts that are part of Agile Development.


The following are typical activities of the scrum process:
  • Sprint planning: The scrum team members select the stories that they can commit to deliver during a sprint.
  • Daily scrum: The scrum master meets briefly with team members each day to discuss progress, planned work, and any impediments (known as blockers).
  • Sprint reviews: At the end of the sprint, the scrum master and team members discuss the work completed and demonstrate new features.
  • Sprint retrospectives: At the end of the sprint, the scrum master and team members review the sprint and discuss ways to improve the execution of future sprints.


  • Velocity chart: A chart displaying the historical performance of a team, used to better estimated the amount of work the team can deliver in a future sprint.
  • Burn down chart: A chart generated during a sprint that provides at-a-glance reporting of ideal sprint progress against actual sprint progress over time.