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Edit user and group average daily FTE hours

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Edit user and group average daily FTE hours

Resource managers can view user and group resource records as well as make modifications.

About this task

Although resource managers have write access to several fields, the only field that they should edit is the Average Daily FTE Hours field. See the description in this procedure.


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > Resources > Users or Groups.
  2. Click a User ID or group Name for detailed user information.
  3. In the Average Daily FTE Hours field, enter the number of hours that represent the equivalent of full time work for a day. If you do not enter a value in this field, the value in the Default Average Daily FTE (com.snc.resource_management.average_daily_fte) resource property, which is 8 hours, is used.
    Capacity is not derived from FTE, but from schedules. Both FTE and schedules must be in synchronization with each other.