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Add events to your calendar

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Add events to your calendar

Users can add any kind of event to their calendar, including personal events and work-related events.

About this task

To create an event that repeats daily, weekly, or monthly, see Create repeatable events.


  1. Navigate to Resource Management > My Calendar.

    The calendar appears in the week view by default. The user work schedule appears in white and the off-duty schedule in gray.

  2. Change the view as necessary:
    • Click the icon in the upper-left to change between monthly and weekly.
    • Click the forward or back arrows at the upper-right to change the day, week, or month. Click the calendar icon to select a specific date.
  3. Click an empty white cell on the calendar.

    The Add Event form appears.

  4. Fill in the fields, as appropriate.
    Field Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name for the event.
    Type Choose from the following items:
    • Time off: Personal time off.
    • Appointment: A type of administrative task.
    • Meeting: A work-related meeting.
    • Phone call: A work-related phone call.
    • Task: A task in the ServiceNow system, such as an incident or a change that you are assigned to.
    When Choose the start and end date and time, or select the All day option. Do not use this field to set repeatable events. For example, if you have a three-hour task you want to start on a Monday and end on the following Friday, do not use the When field. Instead, set a weekly Create repeatable events for Monday and Friday.
    Repeats Select the frequency that the activity repeats, or select Does not repeat.
    Repeat every Enter a number that represents the frequency. This field appears only if you selected Daily, Monthly, or Yearly.
    Repeat on Select the days of the week to repeat the activity. This field appears only if you selected Weekly.
    Repeat until Select an end date. This field appears only if you selected Daily, Monthly, or Yearly.

    Click the reference lookup icon and select the task that needs to be done. This field appears only if you selected Task as the type of activity.

    Note: This does not add you to the Assigned to field on the task form.
  5. Click Submit.