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Project Portfolio Suite

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Project Portfolio Suite

Project Portfolio Suite provides a simplified, team-oriented approach to Project Portfolio Management and IT development by combining several individual applications.

Project Portfolio Suite (PPS) includes the following applications.

Note: Customers who already have Project Portfolio Suite can upgrade to Project Portfolio Suite with Financials. New customers must purchase Project Portfolio Suite with Financials.
Table 1. Project Portfolio Suite Applications
Application Description
Demand Management An application used for gathering and assessing ideas and promoting accepted ideas to strategic and operational demands.
Project Management A suite of tools used to manage projects, task, and resources.
Program Management An application used to manage program and tasks.
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) An application used for managing the software development and release process.
Test Management An application that provides tools for manual software testing.
Resource Management An application that enables resource requesters to create resource plans and request resources.
Figure 1. Process Overview
PPS Process Overview

The project manager (project_manager) role for Project Portfolio Suite includes all the manager roles for the applications included in the suite.