Track project comments and collaborate with stakeholders

When a project is in progress, you can take advantage of two platform features that help project participants interact and collaborate: journal fields and live feed.

  • Two useful journal fields are Comments and Work notes. To add journal fields to a project form:
    1. Configure any project form to show Comments and Work notes.
  • To add live feed to a project form:
    1. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.
    2. Click the pm_project table name that has no corresponding Column name.
    3. In the Attributes field, enter live_feed=true.
    4. Click Update.
    5. Navigate to System Definition > UI Actions.
    6. Open the Follow on Live Feed list action.
    7. In the Table field, select the [pm_project] table.
    8. Right-click the header and select Insert to create a copy of the UI action for the [pm_project] table.
    9. Repeat the steps for the UI actions for the Show Live Feed form action.
    10. Personalize the Project form and add Activities (filtered), which is the activity formatter, to the desired location on the Project form.