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Access the project workbench

Access the project workbench

Access the project workbench from the Project form or from the application navigator.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager

About this task

You can access the project workbench in one of the following ways:
  • Click the Project Workbench related link on the Project form.
  • Navigate to Project > Projects > Workbench.
Initially, the project workbench opens to a blank page. From this blank page, you can open an existing project or create a new project. If a project was already open in the project workbench in the current user session, it opens to this last selected project.
Note: If the project workbench opens with no associated sys_id or an incorrect sys_id, an error message appears. Click Select Project in the project workbench header and then select a project from the choice list.