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Create a custom Gantt chart using My Gantt

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Create a custom Gantt chart using My Gantt

Create custom Gantt charts to find and track the projects based on the filter criteria such as manager, priority, risk, program, and portfolio.

Before you begin

Role required: it_project_manager

About this task

The project, program, and portfolio managers can track the related projects using the custom Gantt charts. For example, a portfolio or project manager for IT projects for the marketing department can track the schedule of all the high risk projects by creating a custom Gantt chart.


  1. Navigate to Project > Projects > All in the application navigator. The list of the projects opens.
  2. Click the filter icon () and apply the filter to find the projects to be monitored.
  3. Click the Show Gantt View related link.


A custom Gantt chart for the filtered list of projects is created and saved. Navigate to Project > Projects > My Gantt to access it at any time to track and schedule the contained projects.
  • The custom Gantt chart is available only to the user who created it.
  • The custom Gantt definitions are stored in planned_task_custom_console table.
  • The number of projects that are displayed in a custom Gantt chart depends on the value set in Record limit field in planned_task_custom_console table. By default, it is limited to 50.
  • My Gantt can be created only on Project table or Project table extensions.

What to do next

To interact with the custom Gantt chart, click the icons on the header:

Table 1. My Gantt header
Action Description
Rename the custom Gantt chart Click the name, for example, , to rename the custom Gantt chart.
Switch between the custom Gantt charts Click to display the list of your custom Gantt charts and switch to another Gantt chart.
View information Click to display information about the opened custom Gantt chart such as applied filters.