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Predecessor dependencies in the planning console

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Predecessor dependencies in the planning console

In the WBS section of the planning console, you can create dependencies between tasks by specifying a series of values.

The Predecessor column on the planning console can specify dependencies between tasks. The values that you put in this column must be in the following format:


  • WBS_number is the number of the predecessor task in the relationship.
  • task_type is one of the types of dependencies that the application supports.
  • lag_time is the amount of time, in days, to delay the start of the dependent task. This value can be positive or negative integers.

The values are entered without the curly braces {}. See the examples in the table.

Note: You can also edit tasks from the Gantt chart by clicking the relationship line. See Gantt chart options and Modify a project task dependency for details.
Table 1. Project task dependency values
Dependency type Example Additional information
Finish to start 1.1fs+0 The task you are editing starts when task 1.1 is finished.
Start to start 1.1ss+0 Task 1.1 cannot finish until the task you are editing finishes.
Start to finish 1.1sf+0 Task 1.1 cannot start until the task you are editing finishes.
Finish to finish 1.1ff+0 The task you are editing cannot finish until task 1.1 finishes.