Project template configuration

The Project Template Configuration list defines the items that are included in a template.

Navigate to Project > Settings > Template Config to display the Project Template Configuration list. Each item in this list has:
  • A defined parent table. The exception is pm_project, which is the root or top-level object in the template.
  • A link element. A field that links the parent table and the child table.
  • A list of fields to include in the template. The fields defined in this column are the fields that are copied to a project template.
The Project Template Configuration list contains three default template configuration items: project, project task, and project subtask. You can modify these default items or create additional items from this list.
Table 1. Default Project Template Configuration Items
Item Definition Parent Link Element
pm_project Project object None. This object does not have a parent because it is the root level. None. This object does not have a link element because it is at the root level.
pm_project_task Project task object pm_project Parent. Because this task object is one level below the root level, it uses the parent table as a link element.
pm_project_task Project subtask object pm_project_task Parent. Because this subtask object is two levels below the root level, it uses the parent table as a link element.
Click an item in the Project Template Configuration list to open the project Template Configuration form.
Figure 1. Project Template Configuration form
Project Template Configuration form
Table 2. Project Template Configuration form fields
Field Definition
Table The entity to be parameterized in the template.
Parent table The parent table for this item.
Link element The field that links the table with the parent table.
Active A check box that indicates this item is included in a template.
Elements A comma-separated list of fields from the table selected in the Table field that are included in the template.