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Override a budget forecast amount

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Override a budget forecast amount

If you do not want to keep the forecast amount, you can override it with a value of your own.

Before you begin

Role required: budget_admin

About this task

You can also override the amounts in budget breakdowns. The override value is used in the forecast's Amount field. However, any value you use as an override in the forecast completely overrides the value in the Amount field.

If you are using the budget console, you can edit the value of the Override column if you add that column to the view on the Review tab. See The budget console for more information.


  1. Navigate to Financial Planning > Budget Planning > Budget Forecasts.
  2. Open a forecast.
  3. Enter the override value in the Override Amount field.
  4. Select an optional Override Category. See Create a budget override category for more information on these categories.
  5. Enter comments in the Override Note field.
  6. Click Update.