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Import budget data

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Import budget data

You can use the platform's Easy Import feature to import budget data into the Budget Item table. A transform map is available by default to transform the data and create a budget plan, account code, budget items, and a budget owner.

Before you begin

You must set up a budget model. Configure the spreadsheet with any or all the following columns, which represent segments:
  • Department
  • Location
  • Vendor
  • Cost Center
  • Business unit
  • Business service
  • Portfolio
  • Project
  • Shared service
  • Custom columns (up to four): additional segments.

You do not need all of these columns. Only include the ones you need for your budget data. The values in each of the rows is the same as the value in the Name field of each of the segments.

You must be familiar with the Easy import feature and transform map scripts. The transform map used in this topic is named importBudgetItemTranform.

See Import sets.

Role required: budget_admin

About this task

The transform map performs the following actions:
  1. Concatenates strings to provide an account code.
  2. Gets an account code by querying the account codes or by creating a new one.
  3. Creates a budget item for each row in the spreadsheet.
  4. Associates the budget items to a budget plan by finding a plan in the Budget Plan table or by creating one.
  5. Promotes the budget plan to a forecast.


  1. Create a table named u_itfm_budget_stage.
  2. Import the spreadsheet data into the u_itfm_budget_stage table using the Easy Import feature.
  3. Run the transform map importBudgetItemTranform. This transform processes data from the Source u_itfm_budget_stage table to the Target Budget Item [itfm_budget_item] table.
  4. Navigate to Financial Planning > Budget Planning > Final Budgets to confirm the budget data and records that were created and make modifications.