Create a cost model with the Cost Model form

You can create multiple cost models to process allocations. Use the Cost Model form to configure all possible settings available to the cost model.

Before you begin

Role required: cost_transparency_admin

About this task

You can select a cost model in the The Data Definition stage when you set up allocations. You can also create a basic cost model from the workbench.


  1. Navigate to Cost Transparency > Cost Models > All
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the form fields (see table).
  4. Click Submit.

    Figure 1. Financial model form
    The figure shows the Financial Model form
    Table 1. Financial Model form fields
    Field Description
    Name The name of the cost model.
    Description Description of the cost model.
    Used by Cost Allocation Select if the model is being used by cost models.
    Model Owner The user who created the cost model.
    Data Source The source from where the data is taken.
    Used by Budgeting Select if the model is being used by budgets. Select this option.
    Cost Transparency
    Generate Controlled Cost Lines (Recommended.) Helps in performance and saves database space.

    If enabled, engine generates minimal cost lines aggregated at accounts level only in the itfm_allocation_aggregate table.

    Define specific breakdown relationship between the segments required for business. Additional breakdown lines are generated in itfm_allocation_breakdown table between the segments.

    Include Sub-Bucket info (Option is available only when Generate Controlled Cost Lines is enabled.)

    If enabled, the generated cost lines and breakdown lines hold sub-bucket information.

    Choose Segments for GL Expense Lines (Option is available only when Generate Controlled Cost Lines is enabled.)

    You can choose segments to generate the GL expense lines in the itfm_allocation table.

    The buckets that use this cost model are shown in the Buckets related list.


    The breakdown relationship to explicitly generate breakdown cost lines in itfm_allocation_breakdown table for a given segment-segment mapping are shown in the Breakdown Relationships related list.