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Budget console actions

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Budget console actions

You can use the Budget Overview interface to review and manage your budgets.

Budget owners can only see the budget plan data they have access to through the budget keys they own.

The Review tab

Figure 1. The Review tab
Table 1. Budget console actions: Review tab
Action How to perform the action
Choose a budget model Select a model in the Model choice list.
Drill down under the segment specified by the key context Click the arrow icon to expand the budget lines by various groupings.

Budget console expanded

The first level under TOTAL is the root segment that you identified in the Segment Relationship related list on the Budget Model form. The Account Number grouping is always the inner-most group.
Compare fiscal periods Select a range of fiscal periods using the From and To choice lists under Period.
Filter by account number Click the text field to display a choice list of all account number. Select all account number for which you want to show budgets. Selecting more than one account number performs an OR filter on the data, showing all budgets for any of the selected accounts.
Show or hide fields from budget plans. Select the columns to display under Show Columns.
Display data for different fiscal periods Select the fiscal periods under Fiscal Units.
Show operating or capital expenses Select Capital or Operating under Expense type
Show or hide the criteria pane. Click the left arrow () or right arrow () icon at the bottom of the criteria pane.
Edit the value in the Target field Double-click the Target field and enter a new value. If no target value exists, the value shows 0.00 in the system currency. If you then enter a new value, the application creates a new target record.
Modify the display of the dollar amounts. Select the gear icon ( ) and turn on or off any of these switches:
  • Display amounts as Millions
  • Show currency symbols
  • Show cents. This does not appear if you select Display amounts as Millions.
Freeze certain elements of the console when you scroll Select the gear icon ( ) and turn on or off these switches:
  • Fix headings to the top of the screen
  • Fix non-amount columns in the report

The Compare tab

Figure 2. Budget console compare tab
Table 2. Budget console actions: Compare tab
Action How to perform the action
Compare plans
  1. Click Select Plans. The Selected Budget Plans window appears.
  2. Filter the budget plans:
    • Enter text in the Filter field at the top to filter on any text in budget plan records.
    • Enter text in the Filter by Budget Owner field or Account code field to filter on those columns.
  3. To show only plans that have parent plans, select Top Level Plans Only.
  4. To see the locked copies of budget plans, which the application creates when it promotes the plans to forecasts, select Show Locked Copies.
  5. Select the check boxes next to the plans in the window that appears.
  6. Click Compare selected plans. The plans appear in side-by-side columns in the table. You can also modify criteria as you can on the Review tab.
  7. Select Month, Quarter, or Year to show the financial data for that selected time period.

The Plans tab

Figure 3. The Plans tab
Table 3. Budget console actions: Plans tab
Action How to perform the action
View the Budget Plan form for any plan. Click the plan name in the Name column.
Delete a budget plan. Click the delete icon () for any plan.
Copy a budget plan. Click the clone icon () for any plan.
Delete multiple budget plans. Select the check boxes next to the plans, and then select Delete in the Actions on selected rows choice list at the bottom of the list.
Filter the list of plans. Enter text in the Filter to filter on any text in budget plan records.

The Actuals tab

Figure 4. Budget console actions: Actuals tab
Table 4. Budget console actions: Actuals tab
Action How to perform the action
Model Select a budget model
From Select a fiscal period
To Select a fiscal period
Generate Actuals Select the fiscal period for which actuals must be generated. Click Generate Actuals.