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Forecast plan

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Forecast plan

A forecast plan is used to re-forecast budget plan during the budget year based on the actual expenses. Forecast plans are associated with a budget plan and a start fiscal month. Forecast plans can be periodically created depending on the forecast planning cycle.

Forecast plans are the actual expenses from the start of the budget period until the forecast fiscal month. Forecast plans also include the planned expenses for the rest of the year. Forecast plans allow you to specify forecast items that are planned expenses for assets, contracts, labor, configuration items (CIs), and other forecast item types from the forecast fiscal month until the end of the budget year.

Forecast plans provide information on the capital and operating expenditure incurred for the months prior to the plan fiscal period.

Note: Operating and capital expenditure is visible only if the data is loaded into the budget model data source.

There are several types of items that you can add to the forecast plan. The cost of these items is broken down starting from the forecast fiscal month that you specified in the forecast plan until the end of the year.