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The Bucketing stage

The Bucketing stage

The Bucketing stage allows you to assign expenses to groups called buckets.

A bucket can be any type of category that helps you organize expenses. Do not confuse buckets with segments. Buckets are customizable groups in which to put expenses before allocation. Segments, which are defined in the IT chart of accounts, are parts of your organization to which you can allocate expenses.

On the Bucketing page, the expenses that you cleansed appear on the left pane, grouped by account number. The buckets into which you can group expenses appear in the middle pane. The summary section on the right pane provides a breakdown of how the expenses are assigned to buckets. If you do not see the correct data in the Accounts column, open the cleansed general ledger and verify that the records are correct.

In the Bucketing stage, you can:
  • Create and modify buckets
  • Create the filter conditions
  • Put the expenses from each account into the correct bucket
  • Review bucket assignments and run the bucketing engine
Figure 1. Bucketing on the workbench
Bucketing on the workbench