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CIO Dashboard

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CIO Dashboard

The CIO Dashboard provides you with a quick summary of finances, operations, and projects.

The CIO Dashboard consists of these components:
  • The Financial report: The breakdown of expenses that are allocated to the accounts for segments in the IT chart of accounts. You can configure which cost model is used on this financial report on the The Configuration tab of the workbench
  • The Operations report: The status of business services in the CMDB.
  • The Project Go Live report: A timeline of upcoming projects listed by their planned end date.

The Financial report

Figure 1. The Financial report

The donut chart shows you the percentages of all expenses that are allocated to each account for the selected segment and fiscal period. The total amounts allocated are displayed in horizontal bars below the donut chart.

The Operations report

Figure 2. The Operations report

The Operations report shows a grid of all business services. The colors represent the Impact value of active incidents associated with the business service:

  • Red: High impact
  • Orange: Medium impact status
  • Yellow: Low impact status
  • Green: No incidents associated with the business service.
The business services are sorted from most critical impact to least critical impact. If more than one incident is associated with a business service, the report shows the color of the highest impact value.

The Project Go Live report

Figure 3. The Project Go Live report

The Project Go Live report shows a list of future projects from the Project application and the planned end date for each project. This report gives you an idea what projects should go live in the near future.