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Budget models

A budget model is the foundation of your budget.

A budget model is necessary for each budget key. Create as many budget models as necessary to classify budgeted expenses based on the segments that you can specify through their relationships.

Budget analysts and budget admins can see any budget model. Budget owners can see only the budget models associated with budget keys that the budget owner has access to.

Budget models replace budget definitions, starting with the Helsinki release.

Default budget models

By default, these budget models are installed with the application:
  • Default budget model: A default budget model that you can customize. If you upgrade to Helsinki, the budget definition you had in Geneva is converted to the default budget model.
  • Project Financials Budget Model: used to integration with the Project Portfolio Suite (requires the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials (com.snc.financial_planning_pmo) plugin).
    Warning: Do not delete or modify the Project Financials budget model.