Define an allocation unit

Allocation unit records define the capacity and usage of a business service.

  1. Navigate to Cost > Config > Allocation Units.
  2. Select a record to edit or select New.
    Note: Selecting the name of the configuration item will display the CI record, not the Allocation Units.
    Field Description
    Configuration Item Select the Business Service to define allocation units for.
    Total Units The total number of units of expense available to allocate. A unit is a generic measurement which can represent anything. Should match the cost center relationship unit. What units represent can be recorded in the Unit Type field. Using the Total units option may result in unallocated expenses if there are unallocated business service units. Using the Allocated unit option always results in 100% expense allocations.
    Allocated Units How many of the total units are allocated. Populated by script.
    Available Units How many of the total units are unallocated. Populated by script.
    Updated When the units were last updated.
    Unit Type (added by configuring the form) Used to record what the units represent (e.g. seats, licenses, Gigabytes, etc.).