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Create application indicators

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Create application indicators

Application indicators are business metrics that are used for assessing the applications. The applications are periodically evaluated and scores are calculated. You can create an application indicator based on the business needs.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_admin


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Administration > Application Indicators.
  2. Enter the Name of the application indicator.
  3. Enter a Unit.

    Unit can be number, currency, time, duration in minutes, hours, days, month, or quarter, or rate. You can also create units as per your requirements.

  4. Frequency is the period at which the related data is retrieved and captured as Application Weight.
    Frequency is enabled only when you select Data source as anything other than Performance Analytics.
  5. Enter the Target maximum.
  6. Enable the Active check box to make it active.
  7. Select maximize or minimize in the Direction field.
  8. Enter Target minimum.
  9. Enter a Short Description.
  10. Select the source of the data in the Data source field.
  11. Select an Indicator from the choice list or you can add a new indicator.
  12. Select a Default breakdown from the choice list or add a breakdown.
  13. Select a function in the Consolidation field such as sum, average, maximum, or minimum from the choice list.
  14. Click Submit.