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Create an idea

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Create an idea

Ideas are a step to identify cost saving opportunities on the applications to meet the target. The strategy that you associate with the idea action decides the strategy for the application.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst

About this task

Create an idea to capture details like action, start and target fiscal period, application, program, and so on.


  1. In the bubble chart, right-click on a bubble to create an idea. The New Idea pop-up form opens up.
    • You can also navigate from the application navigator by clicking Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Ideas.
    • Click New in the Ideas list view.
  2. Select an Action from the choice list.
  3. Select a Replacement Application from the choice list.
  4. Select a fiscal year in Start by Fiscal year.
  5. Select a Business Application.
  6. Select a Business Entity where you would like to roll out.
  7. Select the fiscal period in Implement by Fiscal year.
  8. Associate the Program to the idea that you are creating.
  9. Enter a Title for the idea.
  10. Enter a Description for the idea.
  11. Select a size of the idea in the Effort size of the Estimates section.
  12. Enter an Estimated goal contribution %.
  13. Enter Estimated financial benefit.
  14. Click Submit.

    To view the recently created idea, click the bulb (The bulb icon) icon.

  15. Click Save to save the idea after modifications.
  16. Click Accept to accept the idea. This action creates a demand on the idea.
  17. Click Defer to move it to a later point in time.