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Create a program

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Create a program

Create a program to achieve the goal that you created.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Home.

    You can also navigate from the application navigator by clicking Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Programs.

    Click New button in the Programs list view.

    The Program form opens up.

  2. Click Create Program on the top pane of the Application Portfolio Management Home page. The New Program pop-up form opens.
  3. Enter a Program Name.
  4. Select a goal from the Goal choice list for the program.
  5. Select a Program manager from the list to associate to this program.

    The following fields are optional that you can choose to enter details.

    1. Select a Portfolio from the list.
    2. Used by APM check box is enabled by default.
    3. Enter a Description for the program.
    4. In the Dates region, select a Planned start date using the date icon.
    5. Select a Planned end date using the date icon.
    6. Enter Planned duration in Days and Hours.
    7. Enter an Actual start date of the program.
    8. Enter an Actual end date.
    9. Enter the Actual duration of the program in days and hours.
    10. In the Financials region, enter the Estimated cost of the program.
    11. Enter the Actual cost of the program.
    12. Enter the Budget cost of the program.
    13. Enter the Planned benefit.
  6. Click Save.