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Create a goal

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Create a goal

Create a goal to align your actions with the organizational decisions.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_analyst


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Home.

    You can also navigate from the application navigator by clicking Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Goals.

    Click New button in the Goals list view.

    The Goal form opens up.

  2. Click Create Goal on the top pane of the Application Portfolio Management Home page. The New Goal pop-up form opens up.
    Figure 1. Create a goal form
    The figure shows the goal form
  3. Select a Direction towards the goal, either maximize or minimize.
  4. Enter the Target number.
  5. Enter the Target Fiscal year.
  6. Select a Goal Indicator from the choice list.
  7. Select an appropriate Unit for the target selected. For example, if your goal is to minimize Capex by 10%, then the unit should be %.
  8. Click Save.
    Note: The goal that you created reflects in the Recent Goals section.
  9. Click a recently created goal to update the following fields:
    • Status Indicator: Select a color to indicate the status of the goal from the choice list.
    • Planned achievement: Enter a percentage of the target that you plan to achieve.
    • Actual achievement till date: Enter the achieved percentage.
    • Comments: Enter a comment, if any.
  10. Click Save.