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Add application rollouts

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Add application rollouts

Application rollouts help to track the successful onboarding of the application in various business entities. A business entity can be a business unit, region, or a department.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_apm.apm_user

About this task

Application rollouts help maintain a record as to where the application is being used, with the details as to when the business application will go live and the date of its retirement.


  1. Navigate to Application Portfolio > Business Applications.
  2. In the Business Applications list view, click a business application to which you want to add an application rollout.
  3. Click New in the Application Rollouts related list. The Application Rollout New record form opens up.
  4. The name of the application defaults in the Business Application field.
  5. In the Business Entity choice list, select a business entity.
  6. Click Go live date icon in the Milestone dates region.
  7. Select a date for the business application to go live.
  8. Click the Retirement date icon.
  9. Select a date to retire the application.
  10. Click Submit.