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Understand a guided program

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Understand a guided program

The Program Navigation page provides a step-by-step guide to plan a program for the selected fiscal year to achieve the goal.

You can select a specific program in the Recent Programs region of the Application Portfolio Management Landing page to open the guided Program Navigation page.

Figure 1. Program navigation page
The figure is a guide to plan a program

The Program Navigation page is broadly divided into three sections:

  • The left pane has the following sections:
    • Fiscal Period: You can select the fiscal period from the choice list of the Select Fiscal Period to start planning field.
    • Program Steps: The section takes you through a guided step-by-step workflow to complete the tasks and achieve the target goal.
    • Step 1: Set Goal Contribution Target: Use the link to set the goal contribution target for the fiscal period.
    • Step 2 Identify Opportunities: Identify the opportunities to meet the target by analyzing application scores and indicator scores to meet the target.
    • Step 3: Create Demands: Review all the submitted ideas. Accept or reject them. Use the accepted ideas to create demands.
    • Step 4: Track Project: Track the status of the projects as the demands are approved and the projects are executed.
  • Program Overview section: Gives details of the program such as the Planned start and end dates, the program manager who is in charge, the goal that is linked to the program, fiscal period, estimated goal contribution, estimated % contribution, and the number of impacted applications.
  • Ideas Funnel: Gives a graphical representation of the ideas in the pipeline for the program, the number of demands that have been created from the ideas, and the projects initiated.
  • View App Rationalization Roadmap: Application roadmap highlights the application strategy for the fiscal period. You can navigate to the roadmap any time to see how the accepted ideas are affecting the application roadmap.
  • Ideas: Lists the ideas to meet the target or it identifies the cost saving opportunities on the various applications.
  • The global filter (The global filter icon) icon on the header helps you to enter your preferences and set a business application filter. This action narrows down the scope to specific set of applications.