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Application rationalization roadmap

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Application rationalization roadmap

The application rationalization roadmap provides a timeline view of the applications used by the various business entities and grouped by the application categories. You can navigate to the roadmap any time during the step-by-step process of creating goals, ideas, demands, and projects to see how the submitted ideas affect the application roadmap.

The strategy of the application is derived from the most recent accepted idea on the application for the selected fiscal period. The rationalization roadmap predicts future application rollouts considering the eliminate/replace strategies.

The Application Roadmap has the following sections:

  • Application Roadmap: Gives a tabular view of the application categories for the fiscal period along with the consolidated rollout details.
  • Portfolio Overview: Clicking any application tile in the Application Roadmap section lists details such as the business application record information, number of accepted ideas, and estimated benefit from ideas for the given fiscal period. It gives a quick access to application records.
  • Legends: Gives the color-coded information of the strategy.

View the application rationalization roadmap

Role required: sn_apm.apm_user

You can navigate to the application rationalization roadmap by clicking any of the following:

  • View Roadmap in the Application Portfolio Management Home page.
  • View App Rationalization Roadmap in the Program Navigation page.
  • From the application navigator Application Portfolio > Application Strategy > Roadmap.
Figure 1. Application rationalization roadmap
The application rationalization roadmap

The actions that you can do in the roadmap are:

  • Click the left and right arrows on the left and right of the fiscal period to navigate through fiscal periods to see application rollouts in the past and the rollouts planned for the future.
  • Click global filter (The filter icon) icon on the header. The Set Business Application filter pop-up menu opens up.
  • Enter your preferences.
  • Click OK. This action narrows down the scope to specific set of applications.