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Content packs for HR Performance Analytics Scoped

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Content packs for HR Performance Analytics Scoped

Content packs contain preconfigured best practice dashboards. These dashboards contain actionable data visualizations that help you improve your business processes and practices.

Note: You can activate Performance Analytics content packs and in-form analytics on instances that have not licensed Performance Analytics Premium to evaluate the functionality. However, to start collecting data you must license Performance Analytics Premium.

Content packs

The Performance Analytics widgets on the dashboard visualize data over time. These visualizations allow you to analyze your business processes and identify areas of improvement. With content packs, you can get value from Performance Analytics for your application right away, with minimal setup.
Note: Content packs include some dashboards that are inactive by default. You can activate these dashboards to make them visible to end users according to your business needs.
To enable the content pack plugin for HR Performance Analytics Scoped, an admin can navigate to System Definitions > Plugins and activate the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Human Resources Scoped App plugin.
Note: This content pack applies to the scoped Human Resources application and not the Human Resources application available in earlier releases.