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Create or modify HR services

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Create or modify HR services

HR Services are the benefits, assistance, and support your HR department provides to your employees.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_hr_core.admin

HR Services represent the entire HR process from definition, request, and fulfillment.

HR Services is the starting point for case creation. HR Services provides:
  • Name of the service being provided.
  • Links to the Topic detail. Topic detail is linked to the Topic category.
  • Links to the HR template. Templates populate data into a case and link child cases and tasks.
  • Links to a record producer.
  • Provides fulfillment instructions.
  • Provides a checklist for the HR agent to follow while working the case.
  • Lists available service table fields to display.

You can customize the fulfillment process by category or case type and provide a checklist to ensure that progress is tracked.


  1. Navigate to HR Administration > HR Services > HR Service Configuration.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the form.
    Table 1. HR Service Configuration
    Field Description
    Name Name of the HR service.
    Value The value automatically fills after entering the Name. This value is used in scripts.
    Topic detail Click the Lookup using list icon and select the topic detail associated with this HR service.
    Active Check to make this service active.
    Template Click and select the HR template associated with this HR service. Click New to create a template.
    Record producer Click and select the record producer associated with this HR service. Click New to create a record producer. Record producers are associated with tables.
    Case options Click and select case options you want associated with this HR service. Click New to create a case option. You can add the following as defaults for cases created for this type of service:
    • Add Manager to Watchlist
    • Do Not Default Subject Person
    • User Cannot Cancel
    Description Enter a description of this HR service.
    Fulfillment Instructions Enter instructions that appear on the case form. Fulfillment instructions guide the HR agent on how to complete the case or task.

    Fulfillment instructions provide an overview of the requirements to complete the task or case.

    This feature allows you to customize the fulfillment process by category and not just by case type. Tier 1 employees receive instructions to the exact type of inquiry.

    Checklist Click and create items to appear as a checklist.

    A checklist provides step-by-step instructions and the ability to check completed steps.

    HR Service Additional Information Click to select the service table fields to display for the HR service. Service table fields come from the COE table associated with the HR service.

    Click and select the Subject person related lists to be associated with the HR service. This tab lists all tables that have data related to the profile and can be used as a reference to the case.

    Knowledge articles Click and select knowledge articles to attach to the HR service.
  4. From the Form Context Menu, click Save to save your work and remain on the HR Service form, or click Update to save your work and return to the HR Services list.