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Using HR Service Portal

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Using HR Service Portal

From the self-service HR Service Portal, you can get HR benefit and policy information, and request help from the HR team. Widgets without data do not appear on the HR Service Portal.

Figure 1. HR Service Portal
Example of HR service portal.

The HR Service Portal is the primary interface for employees to access their employee profile, HR services, and knowledge.

HR services are available for employees to make requests from the HR team or requesting HR-related information. HR services can also assign tasks to employees like signing a document. These tasks and case history appear.

From the HR Service Portal, employees can:
  • Search for HR knowledge articles that answer your questions to quickly access top-rated articles. As you type, articles are suggested based on keywords. View top rated knowledge base articles.
  • View your HR profile and upload a photo. You can update fields that are not disabled in your HR profile.
  • View your manager, co-workers, or group organization chart.
  • View your HR cases, requests, and assigned tasks.
  • Submit HR questions and requests that are not answered in HR knowledge articles.
  • Chat with an HR specialist. (An administrator must enable the HR chat queue for the link to appear.)
  • Email HR to create your request.
Note: The HR Service Portal requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above. The HR Service Portal page does not work in Microsoft IE9 or below. Use the HR Catalog module to submit an HR case.