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HR Profile

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HR Profile

HR profile records store confidential employee data, such as name, personal contact information, email addresses, employment history, and contacts.

HR profile records enable the organization to access and track employee information throughout the period of employment and beyond. HR profile records are associated with user records, but unlike user records, HR profile records are stored confidentially and are not publicly viewable.

Organizations can use an integration method to populate or synchronize HR profile records from their employee database. Workday integration is available.

Besides basic user information that is also in the user record, the HR profile includes the following sections and related lists.

Table 1. HR profile sections
Section or related list Description
Employment Information Information such as employment status and type of employment, employee number, and start and end dates.
Contact Information Information such as address, phone number, personal email address. Some field values are copied from Workday when that integration is being used.
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Show employee org chart

Click to view the organization chart of the employee.
Note: This only displays if the HR Service Portal is installed and the user has access.
View Manager Profile Click to view the HR profile of the manager of the employee.
The following related lists are automatically populated. HR employees with the proper permissions can view and edit these records. Users can update their emergency contacts.
Beneficiaries A list of beneficiaries associated with the employee. Click New to create a beneficiary.
Who is covered A list of people who are covered under the benefits for the employee.
Emergency Contacts A list of the employee emergency contacts. One contact in the list is designated as the primary and others can be entered as alternates.
Direct Reports List of the employees who report directly to the user.
Colleagues List of other employees who have the same manager as the user.
Cases Open HR cases for the user.