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Customize the data retrieval script include in non-scoped HR

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Customize the data retrieval script include in non-scoped HR

You can modify the default script includes to get additional data from Workday, in the non-scoped version of HR.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Integration-Workday > Script Includes.
  2. Open the workday_Factory script.
  3. Modify the script as necessary. Use any of the following examples.

    The following customization of the workday_Factory script calls the newly created cust_workday_worker_retriever class.

         var overridenWrapperType = workday_Factory.registeredClassesInternal[scriptName];
              return overridenWrapperType;
              switch(scriptName +""){
                   case workday.WORKER_RETRIEVER:
                        return cust_workday_worker_retriever;// This is the name of the new script include that extends workday_worker_retriever;
                        return workday_BaseFactory.getWrapperType(scriptName);

    The following example is a customized version of the worker_retriever script named cust_workday_worker_retriever. In this example, the createUser function and the getUserName functions are customized. The createUser function sets the company value to a specific sys_id. The getUserName function returns a trimmed version of the source's user name to show only the first name and the last name with a period (.) between them, such as john.doe.

    var cust_workday_worker_retriever =Class.create();
    cust_workday_worker_retriever.prototype= Object.extendsObject(workday_worker_retriever,{
                createUser:function(source, userName){var destRec =, source, userName);
                        return destRec;}},
                getUserName:function(source){return source.u_wd_pref_first_name.trim()+'.'+ source.u_wd_pref_last_name.trim();},