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Approve an HR case in non-scoped HR

Approve an HR case in non-scoped HR

HR cases may require review and approval before the HR case process can proceed, in the non-scoped version of HR.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_admin, hr_approver_user, hr_basic, or hr_manager

About this task

Approvals can be assigned to individual users or to members of a specified group. For example, all members of the HR group are approvers for the predefined HR processes, such as onboarding and offboarding.

Only one member of the group must respond and approve or reject the request for it to proceed.
Note: Employee onboarding and offboarding HR cases always require approval.

After a new case is submitted, a group approval task is created and approvers are assigned. An email notification is sent to all approvers. They appear in the Approvers related list in the HR case.


  1. Open the HR case by performing one of the following actions.
    • Click the link provided in the email.
    • Navigate to HR • Case Management > My Approvals, and then select the record.
    • Navigate to Self-Service > HR Service Portal and click My approvals.
  2. Review the HR case and click Approve or Reject.
    • If the request is approved, the process continues and the HR case state moves to Work in Progress. Related items are auto-created, such as HR tasks and requests as defined in the template or workflow.
    • If the request is rejected, the process terminates, the HR case state moves to Closed Incomplete.
    • After one approver responds, the approval state for other approvers changes to No Longer Required.