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Select UCF content to import - Legacy

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Select UCF content to import - Legacy

Select documents from the UCF download that you want to import into the GRC tables.

About this task

Your import selections go through an approval process before the system moves the documents into GRC tables.


  1. Navigate to GRC > Administration > Import UCF Content.

    The UCF Authority Documents screen appears, showing all the downloaded documents as cards in the left column.

  2. To view the details of a document, click anywhere in the card.

    The selected card is outlined in blue. A document counter at the top of the left column indicates the number of document cards displayed and also functions as a reset button for the filter and search box. The citations and controls associated with the selected document card appear in the detail pane on the right. The current version of the UCF document appears in the Released Version field and is expressed as Qx YY - Final, where Q is the current quarter, and YY is the current year.

    UCF import screen
  3. Type a string in the search box to filter the cards by values in the documents' headers.

    You can search on these UCF fields from the Details pane:

    • GRC import status
    • Category
    • Type
    • Originator
    • Impact Zones

    For example, a string search for us federal trade displays a document that contains US Federal Trade Commission in the Originator field.

    Searching UCF documents for import
  4. To clear the search field, click the counter at the top of the left column.
  5. Click the arrow in the search field to display the authority document filter.
    Filtering UCF documents for import
  6. In the filter that appears, click a group heading to expand the section.

    Each group is a field from the document header. The numbers in parentheses show the count of UCF documents in each group.

  7. To filter the list by document status, select an option from the GRC Update Status section.

    This list displays these document states:

    • Up to date: Documents you have imported that are currently up to date in your system.
    • Not imported: Available documents that you have not imported yet.
    • Update available: Documents you have imported for which updates are available.
  8. To filter the list by documents in similar categories, click a value in one or more of the groups provided.
  9. Click one or more field values to filter the list and display the matching document cards in the left column.

    The system applies the following operators to multiple filters:

    • Filters within the same group or between groups have an OR relationship.
    • Filters in the authority document filter have an AND relationship with a string in the search box.
  10. Click Reset to clear the selections in the authority document filter, or click the counter above the left column.
  11. Select the check boxes in the cards for the documents you want to import into GRC.

    A counter on the Update GRC button shows the number of cards currently selected.

    Viewing UCF documents selected for import
  12. Click Update GRC.

    The system displays an import dialog box that lists the requested documents and advises you if approvals are required for this request. The dialog box indicates if a selected document contains super controls. A super control is any control shared by two or more authority documents. When you import a document with super controls, GRC updates those controls for all authority documents that use them.

    Request for approval for UCF imports
  13. Click Submit to initiate the approval process.

    When the request is submitted, the dialog box lists the approval status of each document you have selected. If a document was previously requested but has not yet been approved, GRC marks it Awaiting approval.

  14. Click Close.
    List of requested UCF documents for import